Parrsboro Regional Elementary & High School: (Tel. 254-5600)

Parrsboro Regional Elementary School - Grades P-6Parrsboro Regional Elementary School - Grades P-6 Parrsboro Regional Elementary - High Schools has a student population of approximately 300 students from Grades P-6 and 7 - 12. Their education needs are served by 19 full time teachers, 1 School Counselor, 3 Administrators, 3 Educational Assistants, 3 Custodians, 1 part-time Librarian and community volunteer support.

Our student population comes from Parrsboro and surrounding communities within a radius of approximately 15 miles. About 60% of our students are bussed to school. This fact creates unique problems and opportunities regarding scheduling, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. With a senior high student population of about 120 students, flexible time tabling and a thoroughly dedicated staff make it possible to offer just under 60 courses.

Our schools have been technology rich for several years. We have three computer labs, two in the high school, and one in the elementary. In addition, each elementary classroom has two computers. All departments and classrooms in the high school have computers. All school computers in classrooms and labs are connected to the Internet. Students at our school have access to a variety of activities which include Student Council, Student Police, Travel Club, Safe Grad, and intra-mural sports. In addition, we participate in competitive soccer, basketball, track, badminton, and softball. We have been provincial contenders in most of these sports.

Considering the small size and geographic location of our school we enjoy an excellent reputation and have attracted students from South America, Europe and Asia.

Parrsboro Regional High School - Grades 7-12Parrsboro Regional High School - Grades 7-12Parrsboro Regional High School enjoys a warm working relationship with a number of post-secondary institutions. Within a two hour drive we have access to a dozen or more community colleges, business schools and universities located in Springhill (NSCC Cumberland Campus), Moncton, Truro, New Glasgow, Sackville, N.B., and Halifax. Our graduates leave Parrsboro well prepared for the rigors of post-secondary education, often with significant scholarships / bursaries from these institutions.

In addition to the conventional uses to which our buildings are put, our schools are busy during evenings and weekends. The high school is host to a number of evening recreational programs. As well, the facility hosts the Ship's Company Theatre's annual Fiddle Camp on the long weekend in May, Youth Recreation Programs and Girl Power camps each summer and Computer courses during the winter months.

The Chignecto Central Adult High School as a part of the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board has been helping adult learners reach their goal of attaining a high school diploma since 1995. The first school was located in Amherst and since has expanded to include locations in New Glasgow, Elmsdale and Truro.