Historical Timeline

  • First human occupation of area by native Americans. 8,500 B.C. These early inhabitants were nomadic fishers and hunters.
  • Over the intervening millennia Parrsboro would become a traditional stopping place for native American nomads; the Mi'kmaq dubbed the area Awokum meaning crossing-over point.
  • Prince Henry Sinclair believed to have visited here in 1397.
  • Samuel De Champlain was first officially recognized European visitor in 1607. He found an iron cross covered in moss, thus proving he was not the first Christian here.
  • Acadian settlement occurred in the 1670's.
  • In 1730 two Acadian boatmen, John Bourg and Francis Arseneau, operated a ferry service across the Bay of Fundy from Partridge Island.
  • Acadians expelled in 1755.
  • New England Planters arrived in the area between 1760 and 1766.
  • In 1764 an inn, tavern, store, blockhouse, school and church were built at Partridge Island.
  • Jonathan Crane and James Noble Shannon first permanent residents of Partridge Island in 1770.
  • Partridge Island Settlement raided in 1780 by Machais Privateers. Three of the raiders killed and remainder captured.
  • Governor Parr visited area in 1784; township named in his honour.
  • Mill Village (former name of Parrsboro townsite) began after a grist mill was built there by Josiah Davidson in 1800.
  • Parrsboro's inner harbourInner Harbour with railway track going towards
    Whitehall Road and train turn-around,
    loading shipswith coal from Springhill.
    First run of the Springhill and Parrsboro Railway was on July 1st, 1877.
  • First year railroad came to Parrsboro there were 900 ships loaded with coal.
  • 1878 skating rink built at a cost of $1,500.
  • 1887 Parrsboro represents one third of the deals shipped from Nova Scotia.
  • 1887 first Fire Department.
  • First telegraph from Parrsboro sent on March 28th, 1879.
  • Town of Parrsboro incorporated on July 15th, 1889.
  • First Town Council meeting on September 7th, 1889.
  • First telephone service in Parrsboro came in 1891.
  • In 1892 Parrsboro's census was 1909 with 347 families, birth rate was astonishing.
  • 1892 Parrsboro claimed the three largest tern schooners ever launched in N.S.
  • The first Parrsboro Brass Band was formed in 1892.
  • In 1897, Parrsboro was first town in N.S. to operate its own electric light plant. Population was 2,000 people.
  • In 1898 Parrsboro was then considered a tourist area.
  • 1899, Letters Patent issued to the Parrsboro Board of Trade
  • In 1913, Post Office moved from Howard Lane building to new brick building on Main Street.
  • 1916, schooner Minas Queen was launched.
  • July 5th, 1919, Handley-Page aircraft made forced landing at Parrsboro. Was repaired and left for New York on Oct. 9th, 1919 but due to weather, force landed on Long Island at Greenport, NY. Many aviation records set during these flights, example, first airmail between Canada and USA. Due to the crash of the Handley Page, Parrsboro is now a sister community to Greenport, NY.
  • For more information on this story, check out our Handley Page history section.
  • 1920, the Whitebelle is the last large sailing vessel launched in Parrsboro.
  • 1921, Masonic Hall burns. Following year new Masonic Lodge built of brick on Main Street.
  • 1926, April 1st., M.V. Kipawo first arrived in Parrsboro to begin her long career as ferry boat between Parrsboro and Annapolis Valley.
  • 1942, Hudson Bomber crash lands in harbour
  • 1947, April 8th, South Cumberland Memorial Hospital opens on Western Avenue. ( A major contribution and project of the new Parrsboro Lions Club).
  • 1952, present Town Hall opens.
  • 1958, June 14th, Parrsboro train makes last trip.
  • 1962, October 28th, Wheaton Block burns.
  • historic buildingHistoric Building, once a house and
    later a Country Inn
    1969, March 25th, 8 buildings on Lower Main Street burned.
  • 1972, July, old school buildings torn down.
  • 1973, new Elementary School opens.
  • 1974, RCMP take over policing of the town.
  • 1975, October 15th, new Hospital opens on Jenks Avenue.
  • 1980, Molly Morwick, former Town Clerk, named Citizen of the Year.
  • 1981, Parrsborough Shore Historical Society opens Ottawa House as a museum.
  • 1982, M.V. Kipawo comes home after a nearly 40 year absence.
  • 1984, M.V. Kipawo moved to present site at Lower Main Street and becomes a permanent theatre.
  • 1986, World's smallest dinosaur fossils found near Parrsboro.
  • 1989, Town celebrates 100th Anniversary of Incorporation.
  • 1993, December, Fundy Geological Museum opens.
  • 1995, South Cumberland Memorial Hospital becomes South Cumberland Community Care Centre.
  • 1999, Medical Clinic opens.
  • 2004, Ship's Company Theatre opens new theatre facility.
  • 2007, New Parrsboro Website Online
  • 2009, Updated Parrsboro Website
  • 2009, First test tidal turbine submerged off coast near Parrsboro
  • 2010, Upgrade to exhibit space at Fundy Geological Museum
  • 2011, FORCE Tidal Energy Observation Facility opens
  • 2013, Eldon George receives the Order of Nova Scotia
  • 2014, Town celebrates 125th Anniversary of Incorporation.
  • 2014, Tidal energy project forges ahead with laying of power cables
  • 2016, Town of Parrsboro dissolution, becomes part of the Municipality of Cumberland County
  • 2016, Cape Sharp Tidal power hits the grid

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