Property, Water and Sewer


Property and Business Occupancy taxes are levied once a year following the approval of the Operating Budget and setting of the tax rates.  Tax rates for fiscal 2016/2017 are $1.75/$100 of assessment for residential and $3.85/$100 of assessment for commercial.  New area rates applied to all accounts. 

  • Residential Fire Protection fee: $125 per account
  • Residential Street Lighting fee: $50 per account
  • Residential Solid Waste Collection fee: $120 per account
  • Commercial Fire Protection fee: $150 per account
  • Commercial Street Lighting fee: $55 per account

On June 24th, 2014 the following policy was adopted regarding new area rates: a) owners of multiple properties which form one, continuous block of land will receive only one (1) charge for Fire Protection and Public Street Lighting for that group of properties, provided these properties contain one dwelling or less and b) owners of vacant lots which are too small to be used as a home building lot or are deemed valueless due to extenuating circumstances shall not be billed for Fire Protection or Public Street Lighting.

2016/17 tax bills are due September 30th, 2016.


Parrsboro operates a Water Utility consisting of three drilled wells, a chlorination system and a covered reservoir. Municipal water is available to the majority of residents of the town and is regularly monitored for quality and safety.

Water bills are issued quarterly in January, April, July and October and are due 30 days from the billing date. Water bills are based on a tap count for the property.


Municipal sewer is currently available to a limited number of residents mainly in the downtown area. There are plans to construct a new sewage treatment facility contingent upon the availability of funding which will lay the foundation for further expansion of the central sewer system.

Sewer charges are currently $300.00/year. Sewer bills are issued on April 1st and are due on April 30th.