Youth Town Council

This group of young people are a miniature version of the Town's regular council, and despite their young ages, take a serious approach to the tasks at hand, contributing intelligent questions and insights that are well thought out. The members represent students from Grade 7 through Grade 12. As elected officials our aim is for the Youth Council to build an understanding of key youth issues and act to improve conditions. Being a member of this "Council" helps young people, who would not otherwise have the opportunity, to develop their self-confidence and contribute to the community.


Kara-Lynn Shaw


Emma Trottier


Maddie Tennant


Maxwell Hoar

Mission Statement

To encourage local youth to actively participate in their town and to facilitate the acquisition of marketable job skills and academic skills.


  1. To act as a voice for youth in Parrsboro - we represent youth on various issues on town committees as well as through organized events and other opportunities where a youth perspective is needed.
  2. To be an active, visible organization - we promote youth and the council, as well as effect change through positive actions and contributions to the community.
  3. To unite - we bring together youth; creating an opportunity for the various groups to communicate to a greater degree and to be aware of one another. We strive to achieve unification and a mutual understanding and respect among youth.


WHEREAS, the youth of Parrsboro require organized activities, and need to play a role in the development of those activities; our leaders are interested in the future of this community to build well balanced citizens: be it resolved that the Town of Parrsboro through its elected officials recognize a Youth Town Council for the purpose of serving the youth of our community and will appoint a member of Town Council to serve as an advisor to the Youth Town Council.

ARTICLE I: The organization shall be known as the Parrsboro Youth Town Council.

ARTICLE II: Members: The members shall be responsible for representing the youth of the town. They should attend all meetings and accept assignments necessary to conduct the council's programs.

ARTICLE III: Officers: Members of the council shall elect annually, from its membership, a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, a public relations officer, a student relations officer and a web master.

CHAIRPERSON - To preside over all meetings of council; to ensure order in activities of the council; to appoint whatever committees necessary for the organization and planning; and to coordinate the support of any and all interested groups and individuals.
VICE-CHAIRPERSON - To assume the duties of the Chairperson if he/she should not be available; and to serve as a member of all committees appointed by the Chairperson.
PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER - Record the minutes of all meetings. Keep up to date records and take care of all correspondence. Keep the public informed of activities being carried out by the Council through the media.
STUDENT RELATIONS OFFICER - Keep students informed about the activities of the Youth Council. Act as a liaison person between the students and Council.
WEB MASTER - Keep the web page updated for the Council.

ARTICLE IV: Finances - Council shall be strictly a non-profit organization. Programs shall be financed by voluntary donations and grants.

ARTICLE V: Quorum - No business shall be transacted unless a quorum is present. A quorum shall consist of a majority of members, but not less than (4).

ARTICLE VI: Modifications - These bylaws may be modified by a vote of two-thirds of the entire council. No action may be taken until thirty (30) days after a modification is proposed. A modification may be proposed in writing and signed by two members of the council.

ARTICLE VII: Dissolution - Council may be dissolved in the event that the youth programs are no longer needed or advisable. Whatever finances that may be available must be used for the youth project before the organization can be dissolved.